Boulder Falls Waterfall, Quehanna Wild Area, Pennsylvania

When I photograph small mountain streams, I find myself making up names for certain stretches. This photo is of a waterfall I dubbed "Boulder Falls". It's only a few feet tall, but small is beautiful. That's one of the best things about mountain brooks: solitude is usually easy to find. Too small for boats, and usually for fishermen, too. You often have the entire watershed to yourself. Explore, learn and relax. Time for a cool change.

The Quehanna Wild Area in northwestern Pennsylvania is located on a large, high tabletop of pines, hardwoods, and open bracken-like meadows. Just about the entire area is state forest, so there is no livestock grazing, only a few lightly traveled paved roads, and almost no year-round residences. Numerous cold, clear streams flow across this plateau, tumbling down the steep sides to feed larger creeks that are part of the upper Susquehanna River basin, eventually entering Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.

Photo location: Quehanna Wild Area, Elk State Forest, The Pennsylvania Wilds, Elk and Cameron Counties, Pennsylvania.

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Boulder Falls, Quehanna Wild Area, Pennsylvania

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